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Kindness can transform someone's dark moment with a blaze of light. You'll never know how much your caring matters. - Amy Leigh Mercree

Our Mission is to love heal cure children in desperate need.

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Our Story

In 1999, New Zealander, David Cowie, visited Eastern Samar in the Philippines and during a visit to a local hospital he came across a boy named Ruel. Ruel’s small, emaciated body lay on a simple steel bed in this under-staffed and under-resourced facility. His face was scarred by a double cleft lip and palate, causing serious difficulty in swallowing. With his tiny body wracked with viruses and infections, Ruel was near death.

With the help of locals, Ruel received the food supplements needed to sustain his life, whilst David raised the necessary funds for Ruel’s surgery. Ruel represents hundreds of thousands of forgotten and unwanted children suffering in isolated villages and towns in developing nations.

Ruel’s story was the founding of the Ruel Foundation and today the Ruel Foundation has helped thousands of children and their families in the Philippines, Vanuatu and the Fiji islands.

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Romblon Update

Once a decision is made, there is no use wasting time, and we haven't been messing about. Expansion into Romblon Full Steam AHEAD!.

Last week I went to Romblon with a few small objectives in mind.

  • Plan and prepare a Cleft Lip and Palate surgical outreach
  • Meet with the local Mayor and try and get him on board with our plans
  • Meet with the Governor of Romblon and win him over
  • Wine and dine the hospital chief, the Minister of Health and the Department of Social Welfare staff

Oh, and I also wanted to find a property that would be suitable for the Ruel Foundation

It was a very successful trip. Right from the beginning I was made so very welcome, particularly by the new Mayor.

She took me to meet her father, who just so happens to be the Governor! During our meeting I explained who we are, and that we would like to do a Cleft Lip and Palate outreach on his Island.

To say he was excited was an understatement, he immediately rang his son, who just so happens to be a plastic surgeon.

His son offered to operate at the up coming outreach for no charge, and in addition to that, also to come back to Romblon each month and do additional corrective surgeries! Things were working out well so far....

My next stop was the hospital chief. Turns out he's just built a brand new hospital which will open this July. We talked and he loves what the Ruel Foundation is doing - he's given us the use of his brand new operating theatre and hostpital facilites free of charge!

The house hunting was exhausting, but eventually found a property that is perfect for the Ruel Foundation! It is spacious, in a beautiful location, furnished and also very well built. Fortunately the rent is only $500 per month (which includes a caretaker!).

We'll use the facility as a halfway-house for kids that are being placed for adoption before transporting them back to Ruel House in Calapan.

Thank you very much for your ongoing support, I am excited to share the vision and growth of The Ruel Foundation!


Pauline Curits-Smith
Philippines National Director

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