Welcome to The Ruel Foundation – International Charity for Children

The Ruel Foundation is a fully registered Charitable Trust in New Zealand (CC11212) and the USA 501(c)3.

The Ruel Foundation is a Christian children's charity organization, formed in year 2000 to provide free medical aid to children living in remote areas of developing nations, or those that suffer from physical deformities like cleft lip and palate and other conditions.

Each month our representatives search for children in desperate need of surgery or care. Hospitals, doctors and surgeons overcome fear, corruption and ignorance to provide children with the help they need at the lowest possible cost.

Our New Zealand-based childrens charity foundation provides funding for the cost of surgery as well as travel and accommodation for both child and parent.

You can sponsor a child for as little as NZ$358 (US$300), which allows a child to receive corrective surgery for a cleft lip or palate from local surgeons in the Philippines and Fiji.

In 2007, we established a 50 bed ‘childrens crisis centre’, which cares for sufferers of child poverty, as well as children subjected to other life threatening situations, such as physical abuse, sexual abuse, orphaned or abandonment.

Right next to the Children’s Crisis Centre is our Malnourishment Centre, established to save the lives of starving children which caters for up to eight children in need of 24 hr care for severe malnutrition.

 We are one of the most recognised NZ charities for children. Our commitment to the physical and spiritual welfare of children living in poverty, in a crisis situation or with physical disabilities in developing nations, not only changes lives, but it changes the communities.

As a result of your child sponsorship support and donations to our kids' charity program, children are now recovering their self-esteem, going back to school, getting an education, and dare to dream of being a pilot, fireman, nurse or teacher.

The head office for our kids' charity organization is in Tauranga, New Zealand, which is staffed mainly by volunteers. We are a fully registered Charitable Trust in New Zealand (CC11212), the UK and the USA 501(c)3.

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Children needing surgery

Children needing surgery

The average cost of each child's surgery is approximately $US300.00 which includes transportation, accommodation, medication, doctors visits, pre-op and post-op checks. We work closely with other similar organisation's to share costs whenever possible.

31% raised


Orphanage (Ruel House) - Philippines

Orphanage (Ruel House) - Philippines

With the poverty level a serious problem in the Philippines, we are now seeing a greater number of children being brought to our Children's Crisis Centre' (Ruel House) in serious physical and emotional distress.

42% raised


Malnourished Children

Malnourished Children

Ruel is caring for severely malnourished children, restoring them to full health. They come here so very ill, it is such a wonderful thing to see them blossom before our eyes, from the brink of death back to life! We would love to be able to expand.

4% raised


Ruel Foundation - Vanuatu

Ruel Foundation - Vanuatu

The Ruel Foundation is building a Paediatric Centre on the island of Efrate. The purpose is to begin the process of providing physical, emotional and spiritual support to children who have been sexually molested.

13% raised


Ruel Foundation Fiji

Ruel Foundation Fiji

Many children in isolated parts of Fiji are living with cleft and palate problems and need your help.

44% raised


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