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There are numerous important charitable causes, all vying for and relying on people's generosity. And people do give, in many ways and for many different reasons.

People may choose to give because they feel moved by the work that a particular charity does and the people they help. They may already have some kind of personal tie or connection to that community.

Giving may also be motivated by feeling fortunate in life and having the desire to give something back, or simply for traditional or religious reasons.

For many, a key reason to give is the feeling that they are really helping and making a difference where it's most needed. Giving feels empowering and makes people feel good. It has been shown that happier people tend to give more so it creates a positive loop.

The particular issues that are tackled by children's charities such as child poverty, health and wellbeing, are very easy for most people to relate to. The Ruel Foundation provides a real, meaningful way to help fight these problems because they have the expertise, the networks and infrastructure already in place, making it easy for people to really make a difference in these kid's lives.

Whatever the reason or reasons, when you choose to donate or volunteer for charity you should choose one that you trust and have confidence in. You can check to see if a charity is registered with New Zealand's Charities Services.

The Ruel Foundation is a well-recognised and fully registered international children's charity, fighting to save the lives of children in developing nations and to help them realise their dreams. Whether you are able to help with a financial donation or to give your time as a volunteer, your contribution no matter what it is, is truly appreciated - it will make a difference.

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About Us

The Ruel Foundation is a not-for-profit Children's Charity committed to bringing significant and lasting change to children in need around the world.