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Elsie’s Choice

My name is Elsie, I am 41 years old, married with one child. I have lived with a cleft lip for my entire life. I have no education, no job, my marriage is failing, I am taunted and ridiculed for the way I look. I get angry at people and hit them when I can’t take it anymore. I feel ashamed and worthless, a broken woman. What am I to do?

Every Cent Helps!

It's amazing how just a little bit here and there makes such a huge difference. The odd 50c dropped in a donation box can quickly compound into enough to pay for a Cleft Surgery, or provide antibiotics for a malnourished child. The Ruel Foundation Charity Box programme was started by Johnny Gilchrist in 2006, Liz Yates then took over and tirelessly and more often than not single-handedly run the entire operation. Last year Liz stepped back and handed over her amazing work to our new Charity Box Hero - Margo Mossop.

A Bay Father's Sacrifice - From the Bay of Plenty Times

A Bay man has seen first-hand just how life-changing cleft lip surgery can be and is now willing to shave off the beard he has been growing for three years to help other kids have a shot at a normal life.

Hamish MacMillan's daughter Emily, was born with a cleft lip and has had numerous surgeries to correct it. Oceanside Family Chiropractic owner, Mr MacMillan, said he was in his cricket clubhouse when he was asked what it would take to cut off his voluminous beard.


About Us

The Ruel Foundation is a not-for-profit Children's Charity committed to bringing significant and lasting change to children in need around the world.