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Before After Name Details
Jenny Thank you to Rob McGregor for paying for Jenny's surgery. She has had her lip done but is still due to have her palate operated on.
palate done Feb 2013
John Patrick Initially recommended for surgery for a hernia but it appears to have healed without intervention. He will be followed up in 2010.
KC Lip operated on April 2008. Awaiting palate surgery.
Thank you so much to Wayne & Therese Johnson for sponsoring KC
Palate done Feb 2013
John Carlo John's cleft palate was operated on by Operation Smile on 15th January 2010.
Thanks to those who support the Donation Boxes that raised funds for his surgery.
His palate has separated so he now needs another operation. This was done in early October 20
Paul Thank you to Southernstock ( for paying for his surgery. Paul's surgery is now complete.
Marylyn Marylyn is scheduled for her lip to be operated on in November 2009. She was turned down for surgery at that stage as she was considered too young. Our next surgery date is expected to be in April 2010.
Thank you to Marilyn Roberson and Mr L J Bevan for
Curby Lip operated on in April 2008. Palate operated on October 17, 2008.
Sandy Thank you to all those who helped with his surgery. He now has a false eye.
JM Lip operated on Feb 2008
Palate October 2008

Palate done 2012