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Before After Name Details
Mary Danielle Mary had her operation at the beginning of October 2010. Thankyou to all those who give donations to support these little children.
Jomar We are currently experiencing difficulties getting hold of Jomar and his family.

Thank you to Christine Clarke who has sponsored Jomar.
Jim Mark Jim Mark was scheduled to have his operation October 2008 but didn't pass the pre-op clearance. He is rescheduled for Nov 2009.
Thank you to Global Angels for sponsoring his surgery.
Airo Airo requires an operation but has TB so can not have an operation for 6 months.

The cost this can not be assessed until she has biopsy at that time. Biopsy cost is $100.
Thank you to Linda and Mike Pole for sponsoring Airo.
Thank you to southernstoc
Jade Jade has 8 brothers & sisters. Her father is a farmer earning P 2000 per month ( NZD $74) She was scheduled to have her lip operated on but was unwell on the day and couldn't be done.

Thank you to Robert Mackenzie for sponsoring Jade.
Andrew Andrews surgery costs have been covered through donation box funds.
Roborn Roborn lives with his grandmother, his parents are working overseas.
He was poked in the eye with a stick while playing with his friend.
His eye was removed in 2010. He will have a glass eye fitted in mid 2011
Mark Mark's surgery for cleft lip was completed on 15th January 2010. He still requires his palate surgery.
Cyrus Waryn Sponsored by the Smile Train. We apologise for the quality of this photo.
Cyrus had his operation in May 2008
Marrion Marrion's hernia surgery has now been completed.