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Kimberly Kimberley has a cleft lip. Thanks to the children of Gate Pa school, Tauranga, and Chapel in the Pines Church, USA, for their fundraising towards her surgery.She is due for her lip operation november 24, 2009.

Kimberley's cleft lip was operated on 15th
Norman Normans cleft palate has now been repaired.
Edelyn Edelyn's cleft lip surgery was on 15th January 2010. This was paid for with funds raised through a Concert held last year.
Mica Mica's surgery for cleft lip was on 15th January 2010. Thanks to a Concert held last year funds were raised for her surgery.
Shairel May Palate operation completed on October 17,2008.

Thank you to the Smile Train for sponsoring this child.
Ronel Thank you to Global Angels for sponsoring Ronel's treatment.

His lip was done in November 2007
His palate is scheduled for Nov 2009
Ronel has had his surgery for his palate in early October 2010, thankyou to those who regularly contribute to our dona
Kim Harold Thank you sponsors from Tauranga for putting money in the donation boxes.
An attempt was made to operate in March but had to be aborted during the procedure.
Kim has now had his lip operated on in January 2010 but is still waiting to have his palate do
Zhiela Cleft lip
Erika Erika's right foot is deformed from a burn and requires surgery. she is a dear little 2 year old, she is having a lot of pain.
Thank you to Brian & Shelley Gray and Bridget Gordon for sponsoring Erika. Her operation was completed on 5 May in Calapan Pro
Gilbert Doing well at the Ruel House but still requires sponsorship for ongoing care.
He will be placed for adoption.

December 2009. Gilbert has now been placed in a loving home. He is in Sweden.