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Before After Name Details
Nyzeth Nyzeth had her eye extracted Nov.19, 2009. After it heals (approximately 6 months), she will need a glass eye. We will assist her for the glass eye.

June 18, 2010 Nyzeth now has her new eye!

Thankyou to Wayne & Therese Johnson who have sponsored Nyz
Kim Lip operation in May 2008. Waiting for palate repair scheduled for November 2009.
A big Thank you to Mr L J Bevan and the Tauranga Donation Boxes who have sponsored Kim. Her operation was completed in Manila on 20th April 2010
Jemrick Lip done April 2008. Now waiting for palate repair.
Thank you to Roger Hayward who has sponsored his surgery.
Marie Joy Known as Katkat. In care at the Ruel House.
September 2009 She has now been adopted into a loving home in the USA.
Rea Thank you to the Smile Train for sponsoring this child.
Cee Jay Cee Jay had his lip operated on May 18th.
He will have his palate done in 6 months. Surgery paid for with the money from the Tauranga donation boxes in August.
Shaun Shaun lives at the rubbish dump. He was found by Ruel staff while making a video.

He has had his lip operated on Sept 8th. The palate will be done in 6 months.

Thank you to Mr and Mrs Miller for sponsoring his surgery.
Zaira Jane Lip done April 2008. Awaiting repair of palate. $450 is still needed in sponsorship.

Zaira's cleft palate was operated on by Operation Smile on 15th January 2010. Thankyou to those who support the Donation Boxes that paid for this surgery.
Louie Louie has a cleft lip and palate. Baby losing weight due to not being able to feed properly. Given orthodontic teats for his bottle. Thankyou to Mr L J Bevan and Marilyn Roberson for sponsoring his treatment.
Louie has had his lip done and will later ge
Mersana Mersana is a twin to Jenika. They come from the Mangyan tribe. They both have anemia, malnutrition. Mersana can not sit, her muscles are wasted. She needs 6 months care in Ruel House.

On 28th October Mersana and her sister were well enough to return ho