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Before After Name Details
John Patrick Parents have declined the operation. Staff in Mindoro will revisit family.
Patient did 12 serial castings on both legs and parents decided not to continue with the treatment.
Brix Bhaga Imperforate Anus.
april 2008 stage 1 of operation was carried out.
Stage two will be in August. Still requires sponsorship of $3200.
September 2009 unable to locate the patient for his second operation.
Angela Angela has cleft lip and palate. She also suffers from cerebral palsy.
turned down by operation Smile as too risky and underweight. October 2008

Went to Batangas twice to see specialist, again turned down. Underweight.
Ruel gave milk powder and vitam
Ashley Ashley has had her lip operated on. In June she had tubes inserted in her ears. We were initially unable to do her palate as she had an oxygen problem in theatre.
Had palate operation October 2007.
Thank you sponsors from Tauranga for putting money in
John Nikko Completed October 2008 This child was paid for from General Funds.
Roderick Lalong Roderick has now been operated on and has fully recoved. He is attending school in Calapan City. Thank you to Clarry Goodhue, Birgit Holland, Aaron Sinclair, and Betty Wilsher and the givers to the Donation Boxes who paid for his surgery.
Sesia Alexandra Sesia has sucessfully completed her surgery and has returned to her family. She is doing well. Sorry we don't have an "after" photo.

Thank you to all those who paid for her surgery. (Church family - Akaroa, Shona Colbourne, Bernie and Keiran Fahy, Mari
Ej Sponsored by: Lyndon and Debbie McDougall
Vinsey Vinsey has a hernia. Waiting for sponsorship of $650.