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Children's Surgeries

Most of the children that we accept for surgery either have cleft lip and/or cleft palate, in the Philippines, one child is born every 3 minutes with this deliberating birth defect!

It has a profound affect on a childs life. The can not drink or eat properly which leads to illness and malnutrition. They can not go to school as they get so ridiculed, they lead a life of shame and rejection.


Cleft lip and palate can be surgically corrected for as little as $250, but this still puts it out of the reach of most Filipino families. We have a solution! We offer the opearations totally free!

 These complications are all deeply impacting to a child and create lifelong suffering due to a condition that is relatively easy to remedy! For $250 a childs life can be transformed forever. No longer sickly, ridiculed and ashamed but able to lead a normal life.