Jomari A

Age: 8 years and 8 months
Date of Admission: August 28, 2013
How the child came to Ruel: Jomari was brought by the biological father to Ruel Foundation. The younger sibling was admitted a week earlier and the father decided to give them up since he cannot support them.
Short Family History: Jomari is the eldest of 4 siblings. His parents are separated. Jomari along with the younger brother who is also in the care of Ruel Foundation used to live with the mother. The mother abandoned her children 1 year before Jomari’s admission. After she abandoned them he was sent to a relative who later died, he was then given to a neighbor. The other 2 siblings are living with the father and they are staying with the paternal grandparents. The father is a clerk in the municipal hall and earning P150/day ($5.60 USD) which is not enough to support all his children.
Personality, likes, dislikes, etc.: Jomari is an artist, his color coordination in all his drawings are brilliant. He likes to help the caregivers and cook in doing chores like drying the dishes or mopping the floor. Sometimes, he will be sad and wants to just sit in the corner but after a while he will be alright. He is also a very supportive brother to his younger sibling.
Medical or physical challenges: Jomari is a healthy child. He weighs 22 kilograms and 123 centimeters tall.
Estimated time of stay: 6-8 months before he unites with his adoptive family. We have chosen parents for him in USA.

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