Myka L

Age: 9 years and 8 months
Date of Admission: November 9, 2011
How the child came to Ruel: Myka was brought by her biological father and foster father to Ruel Foundation. The foster family cannot care for her anymore due to family problems. The biological father has no means to support her and no other relative is willing or able to care for her.
Short Family History: Myka's mother has not been seen or heard from since Myka was 5 months old and there is no information on her whereabouts. She disappeared leaving Myka in her fathers care. Myka’s father used to work as store helper until he was convicted for theft and put in prison. He was unable to care for Mika and gave her over to the care of a local pastor and his wife. The pastor and his wife took Mika in and looked after her for 4 years but due to family problem had to give her up.
Personality, likes, dislikes, etc.: Myka is an affectionate, happy and enthusiastic child. She loves one-on-one attention. She enjoys being around other children. She has a strong and sometimes stubborn personality. She has keen sense of humor. She loves to help and always wants to please people. Occasionally she is naughty but is very repentant and apologizes profusely. She sings beautifully and is gentle with the babies. She is very quick to learn.
Medical or physical challenges: She is a healthy child. She weighs 22 kilograms and 120 centimeters tall.
Estimated time of stay: 12 to 18 months

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