Mr R

Mr R stared his life as an innocent child playing with his friends in his Manyan village in the mountains of Mindoro Island in the Philippines. Then one day his life collapsed. His mother died suddenly and he was virtually left along at the age of three. Deeply traumatised by the lost of his mother, Mr R refused to eat. While the Tribe were extremely distrustful of any outsiders, they decided to contact the Ruel Foundation and ask for help. This expression of trust was unheard of for this tribe and reflected the work of the Foundation in the village over the last year or so.

Mr R was brought down to the Crisis Centre and covered in love and attention but still he would not eat. He was simply starving to death. One day, while sitting on Pauline’s lap at the dinner table, she noticed his eyes following a piece of chicken she had in her hand. Quickly seizing the opportunity, she offered him a small piece and he took it and placed it in his mouth. He had “turned the corner” and he began to grow in strength and confidence. The father eventually gave Mr R up for adoption to Pauline and her husband. Now he is vivacious little boy who loves school and soccer and tells anyone who will listen that he wants to become a Doctor and return to the mountains to help his Manyan tribe.

The question is often asked, how can you save all the children who need help? The answer is of course, one child at a time!