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Miss I

Miss I didn't have a chance form the beginning! Number 10 out of a family of eleven there was just not enough food to go around. The only food I got was rice water! The left over water after the rice was cooked. When our staff spotted her on the floor of the small shack where the family lived it seemed that it was simply to late. Pauline gently lifted the baby into her arms and held her. Barely alive, Miss I was taken back and placed in our centre for malnourished children. Doctors examined Miss I and suggested she had about seven days to live. A staff member from Holland immediately bonded with Miss I and spent, along with other staff members, nursing this little girl back to life. Both her parents passed away so she could not return home.

Eventually the staff member married a young man from Holland and they both moved to the Philippine permanently just to be in a position to apply to adopt Miss I . Years of dedication, personal sacrifice and love paid off and now Miss I is a happy little girl growing up in Holland with a loving caring family.