Mr J

Age: 8 years and 11 months
Date of Admission: September 16, 2014
How the child came to Ruel: Mr J was referred by the DSWD SWADT office of Occidental Mindoro. Mr J was turned over by his foster family to the DSWD office. The foster family could not look after him anymore. There is no orphanage or institution in Occidental Mindoro, hence the refferal to Ruel Foundation.
Short Family History: Mr J has been abandoned child since he was 2 years old. The parents are separated. The father used to work as a helper. Mr J has an older female sibling who is staying with the mother. There was no information about the mother or their whereabouts.
Personality, likes, dislikes, etc.: Mr J is a friendly and active boy. He always offers to help the caregivers and cook. He doesn’t need to be told to do things, he will carry on doing his task.
Medical or physical challenges: Mr J is a healthy child. He weighs 22 kilograms and 123 centimeters tall.
Estimated time of stay: 1 year to 1.5 years. We are in the process of placing him with his forever (adopted) family
Sponsorship required (or part thereof): $80 NZD / Month.