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  • 23 Jan, 2017
  • Cleft Lip Outreach
Live Preview

January 17th 2017
This is baby Cleo - he was born six weeks ago on the Island of Santos, Vanuatu. He has a bilateral cleft lip PLUS a cleft palate. This means he cant feed very well at all.
His surgery is booked for April and his Mamma needs the airfare to Port Vila - can you help him??
Without this surgery his life will be grim - he will never be able to eat/drink/smile properly and wont be able to talk.....

  • 09 Jul, 2013
  • Childrens Surgery, Malnourishment, Cleft Lip Outreach

Ruel lived in and isolated village on the isolated island of Eastern Samar in the Philippines. Born with a double cleft lip and pallet he had problem swallowing food - assuming that there was food to swallow, which there wasn’t! The fact that his parents didn't really want him, limited his life expectancy considerably. He became so weak his parents finally brought him to the local hospital where he was discovered by David Cowie, the Founder of the Ruel Foundation. With no money to pay for any kind of medication, the nurses put Ruel was put on a saline drip and “hoped for the best”.