• Pauline Curtis-Smith New Zealand Board, Philippine Board

    Pauline Curtis-Smith (NZ) pioneered the work of the Foundation on Mindoro Island establishing a centre for children in physical and emotional stress

  • John Hawskworth Fiji Trustees

    John has worked for many years as an Orthodontist in his own practice in Gisborne, New Zealand. Over the years he has been involved in the care and treatment of many children including those with clefts of the lip and palate, one of whom is his grandchild

  • Michael Fullaway United States Board

    Mike and Diane Fullaway are owners of the Calaveras Lumber and Home Supply business in California. Their time is taken up with their business and the fifty plus employees working for them.

  • Ruddy and Cristina Ancheta United States Board

    Ruddy and Cristina have served in various humanitarian endeavours over the last twenty years. They began working for the desperately poor on "smokey mountain" in the Philippines before serving with "Gleanings For the Hungry" in California

  • Graeme Elvin New Zealand Board

    Graeme is a principal in a well established law firm in Tauranga, New Zealand along with his wife, Fiona. He has spent time in several developing nations participating in various humanitarian endeavors.

  • David Cowie New Zealand Board, Philippine Board, United States Board

    David served with the mission organisation Youth With a Mission for 36 years before pioneering the Ruel Foundation. He and his wife Linda have visited over 40 nations serving in various mission and humanitarian activities.

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  • Jesse Misa Philippine Board

    Jesse Misa (PHP) presently serves as the Regional Director for Marine Reach Ministries and has been involved with the Ruel Foundation since its inception.