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Volunteers wanted!

Volunteer work is challenging, fun, rewarding not to mention an adventure of a lifetime. We have positions open in New Zealand, Philippines, Vanuatu and Fiji. The Ruel Foundation accepts applicants for volunteering aged 18 years and over, either long term or short term (up to 3 months). Be sure to talk to us if you would like to bring, or be part of a team.

Location: Ruel House, Philippines - Department: Childcare

As a childcare volunteer in our Malnourishment Centre, you will need to have some form of medical training. You will be helping restore the children to full health through our intensive re-feeding program, giving medication and stimulating them back to recovery.

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Location: Ruel House, Philippines - Department: Teaching

If you're passionate about teaching and making a difference then we have the job for you. A challenging but rewarding position is available for teachers to help educate the children in Ruel House whilst they are awaiting adoption

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Location: Ruel House, Philippines - Department: Crisis Center

Our Crisis Center deals with all manner of physical ailments ranging from undernourishment, fevers and disease. Experienced long and short term volunteers will make a huge impact on the lives of these unfortunate children.

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Location: Ruel House, Philippines - Department: Administration

Paperwork (or an electronic version of it) makes the world go around, and there is no exceptions here. As a registered charity and adoption agency we need well organised and effective people to help run and administer the organisation - This means YOU!

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Location: Tauranga, New Zealand - Department: Communications

Communicating with our staff, volunteers and supporters is essential to our organisation, and to do this effectively we need passionate people to help us. If you have experience in the following areas then you're just what we need.

  • Social Media.
  • Copy Writing.
  • Public Speaking.

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Location: North Island, New Zealand - Department: Fundraising

The Ruel Foundation's charity boxes raise essential funds for the operations and support of our cleft lip and palette surgeries. These boxes are collected on a 2 month rotation from areas such as Hamilton, Tauranga, Gisborn etc. Time commitments for this are minimal, but the impact is big. If you have transport and time then you can help. Please contact the New Zealand office for more information.

Phone: +64 (7) 543 2379

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